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I Knew You Once


I Knew You Once

Hey there stranger it's been a long time since I've seen you. I was working on a project today and ran across this video footage. This is when I knew you. A time when things were so much easier for you. A time when your parents were still your safety net. Everyone asks about you and how you are doing. It's hard to know how to respond because I don't know this new person you have become. I don't understand your choices any more. Nothing makes sense to me. Now I understand my mother's references to me. She remembers very clearly things about me when I lived with her. Then there was this very long lull and she didn't see or hear from me for long stretches at a time. She calls it letting go. I would describe it as a ghost. There are pictures of you but no physical presence. We have memories of the past but there have been no updates. We are just passing time until the lull is over. Some people have to experience hard times so that they understand the consequence. It's hard to sit back and allow it to happen but that's the curse of a parent I guess.

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