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The Baby Grands-Win a CD!


The Baby Grands-Win a CD!

I first heard about The Baby Grands from an interview with co-owner of Back Space Records Kimberly Rowell on Kimberly was kind enough to email me and ask me if I wanted to listen to Panda Rock since I am the owner of Happy Panda. It's a really cute tune. Then Kimberly and I networked on a couple of more projects together. She is also in the 2009 Leading Moms in Business competition hosted by StartUp She's on FIRE right now! And she should be. She is helping produce great music. She's also going to be one of the many sponsors in the 5 Minutes For Mom Ultimate Blog Party.

This past Saturday our family had a ton of errands to run. What better way to test a product than in the van with the whole family. It was great! My hubby was doing his famous head bob during Sugar Makes Me Loco and Diggin' a Hole to China. My hubby said when he was a kid he use to try and dig holes to China too. We all enjoyed the Pluto song. "Pluto's not a planet any more." We had a great time listening to the whole cd. By the end we could hear our toddler in the very, very back seat trying to sing along. It was the cutest! My husband and I really enjoyed it and I know we will be playing it again when we have our errand days or long road trips.

I love this blurb from their home page "The Baby Grands—the Atlanta based trio of singer-songwriter Donny Todd, producer-multi-instumentalist Ben Rowell, and songwriter Marc Castelo—are feeling the love of those frustrated parents everywhere..."

Just yesterday we were in H.E.B. shopping and our toddler asked if he could have something. My husband quickly replied, "No son" and our toddler asked, "why daddy?" and he said, "because sugar makes you loco!" We just busted out laughing. Here is your chance to win your own copy of The Baby Grands cd. If you can't wait you can always purchase these songs from their store.

How do you win? There are five different ways to win. Please leave a separate comment for each entry! Make sure you leave a way to contact you if you win. This contest will run until March 10th @11:59pm cst. The winner will be chosen at random on 3/11 and posted here by 10:00am cst. As always, Good Luck!

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