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The Aftermath of My Research


The Aftermath of My Research

If you have followed along about my research of emotional eating then this post will tell you the fall out and the discovery of what I have learned.

First, when my husband came home the first day and read the white board he was surprised. He was actually nicer than usual.

The second day my husband came home and read the white board he was annoyed. I can no longer write this stuff down on the white board. If I do I have to erase it before he gets home. It's not about him nagging him. It's what's going on in my head. It's thing that I don't necessarily verbally react to but they cause me stress. I would be a raving maniac if I reacted to everything. I have to keep my cool during all of this. Some days it's hard because I feel like a pressure cooking about to blow as each thing piles on.

This is what I have learned. When the baby cries because she is hungry it causes me the most stress. I will grab something to eat right away to snack on while I'm getting her food ready. Her crying raises my stress level the most. The rest of my stress triggers I don't eat. I don't get upset then eat. Here is what happens to me. At the end of the day after everyone is asleep and the house is quiet I get hungry about 9:30pm - 10:00pm. It's snack time. It's sort of like my reward for making it through the day. Is that sad or what?

Everyone has stress and I knew that if I wrote it all down that I would have a pen in my hand all day and I did. I'm constantly moving all day just having three kids, cleaning house and the daily grind. We have been going to the track every day and going for a walk for 2 weeks. Today we played tennis. I wonder what my husband's list would look like if he wrote it all down.

I'm not sure where to go from here with all of this new found information but I am aware.
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