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Catching Up!


Catching Up!

In case you don't know about the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party I'm here to tell you it's coming soon! I have the honor again of organizing the prize list. I have a system and I'm always glad to work with the twins. We have lots of prizes and we seem to have a lot of international ones too. I've been sitting on the codes for a couple of weeks now but today I'm all caught up. The prizes are posted and coded and it feels good to be caught up.

Now about that new stroller. It's super and I've walked the track all week. I feel so much better. I can really get that stress off even if it's only for 45 minutes. What I would really like to do is run it off. I have a tendency to carry a lot inside and I don't have a good outlet for it. I'm working on it though, baby steps.

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