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Temper Tantrum 101


Temper Tantrum 101

Earlier today my Mom and Grandma came over for a cup of coffee and to just hang out and visit. It was really cool! Whoo Hoo adult conversation and everything. Our baby girl was adorable as always and our resident toddler was in full force. It's sort of a blur the order of events but it went something like this....

Toddler decides to go potty, hurray! Yes, go in the potty. He was down to his birthday suit and was refusing to get his underwear back on. I had to chase him around the house and pick him up and put the underwear on. He was throwing the biggest fit. It was so severe he actually threw up in splatter formation all over himself, our couch, me and the floor! Oh yes he really did. He had eaten chili for lunch so our carpet now has nice faded maroon spots. I had to throw him in the shower, change my clothes, clean off my shoes, and grab the carpet shampooer. After everything was cleaned up I looked at him and said, "Now go get another pair of clean underwear!"

The trick to parenting is having stronger will than the kids do. That's tough! I have very strong willed children. Heck this little guy gets so worked up he vomits. LOL - Now this is the real motherhood. I don't know if my Mom and Grandma will be coming again for a visit any time soon. lol

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