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Did Today Really Happen?


Did Today Really Happen?

The most disgusting day happened today. It was full of all my children's bodily functions. If I went into detail you would be so grossed out. Why do they always have to do these things when company is over at our house? LOL - It's almost like they secretly plan it. I think it goes something like this...

8yo: OK guys I'm going to school so make sure that you two keep her so busy while I'm away that when I come home she is so exhausted all she can do is let me hang out and watch tv, ok?

2yo: Got it dude! I'll have a few accidents and that should keep her busy with the laundry. I can do my vomit trick too at the dinner table that should help. Now baby, make sure you come out with a poopy diaper too!

6mo: Ga Ga - That's agreeing with what the other two say in baby talk.

After my hubby came home I laid out my entire day for him. Just when he thought my story would end, I would chime in with, "wait - there's more! "

No one explains to you what being a mother is really like until it's too late. Then we all share our horror stories and nod in agreement. "Oh, I've been there!" How we don't have capes flying off of us at all times is a wonder to me!

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