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Baby Trend Sit N Stand LX Stroller, Silverstone


Baby Trend Sit N Stand LX Stroller, Silverstone

This stroller right here has given me my freedom back! I'm not kidding. My friend told me about it and there it was at Toys R Us and now I have my walks again. Our baby girl can't sit up on her own yet and our toddler likes to run around. Using our wagon was just not going to cut it. Now I can put the baby in the front and the toddler in the back. He doesn't like to stand on it, he likes to sit. When he sits down he faces me. Now I can go back to walking our son to school in the mornings. We can walk the track at the park with ease. Our toddler can walk the track too and if he gets tired he can sit and buckle up. It's not as compact as I would like it to be when it folds up but I really like this design. My hubby was impressed with the shock absorbers. I'm happy to have a place to put my little people so that I could have a more active life style again!

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