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The Best Night of His Life?


The Best Night of His Life?

I mentioned that I'm training for a 5K (coming in July) and my son is training for a 1 mile race (coming in March). Tonight was our first evening of training. I ran this race about 2 years ago. I made 2.5 miles and walk the rest of the way. I thought I did great. I was really proud of myself considering I didn't train for it nor had I ever done it before. It was a boot camp sign up. All of enrolled did it together just to see what we could do.

Any way my friend and I took my son to the track to train. We did our best on the track and then we hit the tennis court. From there we went to the local coffee shop for smoothies. My son got 4 scoops of ice cream found the connect four and checkers game and we sat and played for a good hour. He had such a great time. He said, "This was the best night of my life!" Amazing what a little one on one time can do. :)

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