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What's My Name?


What's My Name?

I have no idea what I did today. I know I did a bunch of cleaning and getting ready for the boys to come home. Oh yes, that's what I did and then I began the great diaper cake making extravaganza or at least tried. The baby must be missing all the males in her life. She's awful fussy and isn't sleeping right. Poor baby girl. She's so cute though.

The sun was finally out today and I hit the track. I couldn't find my mp3 player though which stank but oh well. I didn't break a sweat walking so I tackled this hill. It's a long hill and I pushed the stroller up and down the hill. I crisscrossed the entire hill and it nearly killed me! lol - What's that saying? That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger? I'm looking to burn some fat here people. I'm trapped in this blasted body and I want out!

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