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The Boys Are Back In Town


The Boys Are Back In Town

The guys are all home and I forgot to check for green! It's St. Patrick's Day after all. Have you tried the green beer? I haven't. The princess is happy that her remaining admirers are home. My poor hubby left his brief case at the airport. Welcome to traveling with children. lol - It was such a vacation for me. Thank you sir! I didn't have to correct anyone for 4 days! Nor did I have to think for anyone else or really plan too much. It was nice and I'm feeling pretty good. Overall it was a pretty productive day.

I'm toying around with the idea of getting my Ph.D. I could actually have some letters after my name right now but I don't use them. I'm not sure why? My friend scolded me about that and asked me if I knew all the work it takes to get those letters behind my name. Um, yes, yes I do! lol - Dr. Kramer? That would be a hoot. Do I really want to do that? I guess it depends on what happens with cpsia. I suppose it could be the next chapter in my life.

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