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It's Super What?


It's Super What?

Super Baby! It must be because she has a SUPER MAMA. Maybe? I don't know. I do my best! The UBP has really brought out the comments and questions about me. Really I'm no more super human than any other mama. I don't have a lot of balance and something suffers some where. I'm sure people wonder where my kids are when I'm coordinating prizes and emails etc., they are usually asleep or my hubby is home to help. You would be amazed at how fast I can type and how much I can do with one hand. Oh yes! But in the background my baby is teething with fever and miserable and wants to be held. My toddler has stomach issues and fever and has taken a lot of showers this past week. I'm just going to leave it at that you don't want the details. My eldest son is very helpful! Right now I'm playing Monopoly oh yes! How? He's bringing me the dice and I roll and he runs back to the table to make our moves. We are a multi-tasking bunch that is for sure. Also I am a woman of my word it means everything to me. If I commit then you know I'm in and you can count on me. I've been that way as an adult. I'm ridiculously reliable! I try to be for others what I would like them to be for me. It doesn't always work that way but hey I'm paying it forward all the time. It makes me feel good to help others. It's that simple and that's not an April Fool.

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