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It's Written In The Sky


It's Written In The Sky

Why do I refer to myself as a dork you ask? Simple. Remember that post where I told you that I had to turn on my comment moderation because the title of this post brought out the pervs? Well, here I have been for days without any comments on my blog which is not normal considering all the memes. Today I finally figured out I had them all sitting in this little window waiting for my approval. I had not put in an email address letting me know that I needed to approve it. ROFL!!! And there you have it, why I am a dork.

I found my plasti-dip at the hardware store for my project. I'm ready to try my hand at making a cookie cutter. I hope it goes well. And one of you asked me about where the beer prop was in this photo. That should tell you something! If he can pass out without any beer then you know he's working hard and very tired. Friday is coming! Are you ready?

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