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Thursday Thirteen #64 - Happy Birthday


Thursday Thirteen #64 - Happy Birthday

We love balloons! I don't know if my hubby likes them but the kids and I always have a great time with balloons.

Normally I buy a Kroger cake but this year we went home made. Here is our boy frosting the cake and it was so yummy!

Our toddler picked out the birthday theme. Yes, he went with Spider Man.

I can explain! My hubby is not 67 but I didn't have a number 2 candle so we made a math problem out of the candles we did have. If you're married to an engineer they would think it's funny.

He's overwhelmed by all the boxes of Whoppers!

Aren't they cute?

Guess who this present is from?

He says he is going to put this Jet Works - design your own jet engine on his desk at work.
Live long and prosper!

This is some goofy singing card our toddler picked out.

Here are the boys making sure the party favors are working.

It's a gift card to his favorite coffee shop. It's local not a Star Bucks.

Then it was time to head off to Scouts! My grandmother and hubby have a special bond over bacon. My son cracks me up!

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