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Fine Dining Experience? Who Knew!


Fine Dining Experience? Who Knew!

This morning we went to support the Boy Scouts as they hosted their pancake breakfast. I was expecting the kind of pancakes that are warmed up and served like something you would get out of a box from Cosco or Sam's Club. NO! They were not out of the box that is for sure. They were fresh and wonderful and so was the breakfast sausage. They had milk, juice and fresh coffee available too. The dining experience was like that of a restaurant. When we arrived the scouts outside opened the door for our family and then helped us get seated. They returned to our table several times to see if we needed anything. I was truly blown away by their politeness. It was the most pleasant breakfast I've had outside of my home in a long time. My hubby is an eagle scout and our son is a cub scout. I'm really happy that my boys will be involved in such a great organization.

For dinner we opted for Chick-Fil-A. The cashiers greeted our family and brought us our food. They also returned to see if they could remove any trash. There are little containers of Cheerios set out for the little ones. We were very happy because our little princess loves them. I have no idea what was going on today but our dining experiences were just full of nice surprises.

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