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The Sex Talk - Part 2


The Sex Talk - Part 2

In case you missed my post about "The Sex Talk" you can click here and catch up. Believe it or not I did make that phone call to my eldest. She was embarrassed to say the least about our talk. I was asking questions and still trying to educate her. It was a good thing because there were a few things we talked about that she didn't know. It just goes to show that you have to be very direct with your questions. Don't assume that your children know everything.
There have been more forum topics about the sex talk that was generated by Oprah of course. Today's episode is about two teenagers that believe they are ready to have sex. I haven't watched it yet but I plan too. I have more children in the house and I have to stay educated myself in order to educate them.
It's true with today's technology there is more to be aware of when it comes to sex education. There are more pitfalls with the internet and cell phones. The abilities to "sexting" or taking photos from a phone can result in jail time. We all have done silly things but kids have more access to long term consequences! Stay alert.

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