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Thursday Thirteen #63 - Updates


Thursday Thirteen #63 - Updates

Random things I've learned about this week.

1. The Tax Day Tea Party.
2. Going purple for remembrance of Maddie.
3. Possible expiration of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.
4. How I wish I was crafty so I could do stuff like this!
5. My multi-tasking skills can really turn out cute.
6. I'm falling in love with U2's latest cd thanks to my son.
7. My husband secretly wants to be a pirate or at least a bird owner.
8. I'm nearly half way through The Shack.
9. The one time I ignore my phone it turned out to be very important news.
10. My son needs glasses.
11. This blogger (Mama Kat) makes me laugh out loud.
12. This blogger (Jiggety Jig) makes me laugh out loud too.
13. There is nothing wrong with filing an extension for taxes.

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