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Tips For The Blues


Tips For The Blues

A while back I went to see my Dr. to discuss some sadness issues I was having. It seemed to be more than usual ups and downs of life. Usually I would catch my snap and everything was ok again. I wasn't finding my "snap", if you will. After a lengthy discussion with my doctor this is what he recommended for me:

Get exercise - No problem! I was working on that before my kids and I came down with this plague gifted to us by my husband. I had a plan all worked out at the YMCA and the kids were loving their time there.

Get organized - PROBLEM! - This is really hard because I have to take care of little people all day. I've been waiting for summer to come because at least 2 of them will be gone for a couple of hours a day. I might catch a break if the baby lets me. My hubby has been working with me to get this accomplished. It's really bad around here but we are making the most of it one day a week.

Take a muti-vitamin, omega 3 and iron (I have always had a lack of iron) daily. I'm terrible about taking pills. It doesn't matter if I put them in the pill organizer or not, I will forget. I've been really trying to do this though but I don't feel any different, yet.

Get some "me" time - ROFL - This is harder than getting organized. All moms know that you are lucky to get to go to the bathroom alone! I am trying to plan quarterly girl get togethers. We have grand plans to go bowling soon. That should be fun.

There you have it and if you have any other tips leave them in the comment section.

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