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A Chance Meeting with Dr. Bloss


A Chance Meeting with Dr. Bloss

Today our eldest son had to have surgery to put tubes in his ears again. Among the chaos of trying to get him there on time, picking up my grandma to help watch the little ones and then checking him I was a bundle of nerves. I gave my son a hug and kiss and told him I loved him before he walked through those doors escorted by the team of doctors who were performing the procedure. The doors opened again and there standing across the way was Dr. Bloss. I was instantly overwhelmed with waves of emotion. I called him over and said, "Dr. Bloss! You operated on my baby nearly 3 years ago." He smiled and said "Well how is he?" "Why is here?" I explained that he was in the waiting room waiting on his brother. I couldn't say thank you enough and before I knew it I was hugging this doctor in a way that I've never hugged before. After all what is the protocol on how to thank a doctor that saved your baby's life? I don't think there is one. We parted ways and I went back to the waiting room. A little while later he came looking for his little patient from three years ago. My little guy was not nearly as happy as I was that Dr. Bloss came looking for him. I'm not sure how many doctors get to see some of the lives that they save but today was one of those days. In the many years that I have been on the planet never have I felt as much fear as I did that day handing over my two month old baby to nurses, anesthesiologists and a surgeon. I'm overwhelmed right now just thinking about it. Even though these folks do this job every day, a mother doesn't hand over her baby to be put to sleep, cut upon, opened, fixed and closed again every day. The outcome is completely out of your hands. I feel blessed every single day that this loud toddler is full of life, whine, laughter and continues to thrive.


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