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TBO Designs


TBO Designs

While working on the 5 Minutes for Mom cyber baby shower I came across TBO Designs. Jenny Podusko offered her services as a graphic designer and wanted to know how she could participate. Seriously, I didn't think I would need her services until much later for some other projects but little did I know that I would need her today! Sunday, I went to Wal-Mart to get photos taken of my little (big) guy. He just turned one so I wanted something taken with a camera that was higher tech than a 35 mm. After working with the photographer and her trying to sell me this $300.00 package (no thank you) I asked to just get the basic package and let me buy the disk. I love to email out photos to friends and family. If I really like the pose then I will have it printed later on. The photographer tells me that there is very low light on her lens and if I would just purchase the photos then it will have perfect color. I think to myself, surely I can use photo shop and fix these myself. I bring the disk home and begin to play around. I'm not a graphic artist and I can't fix these photos. Then it occurred to me, "send them to Jenny at TBO Designs!" I emailed her all the photos and within 45 minutes and a very small fee (much smaller than the $300 picture package) these are the results! Thank you Jenny so much for fixing my photos. If anyone else out there needs graphic work done Jenny can help you. Click on the photo to be directly taken to her site. She's also getting my head of the class award!

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