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Bark Bark Vac Mitts


Bark Bark Vac Mitts

Our son only walks when he wants to and spends most of his time crawling on the floor. Recently he had his first birthday and I thought it would be good for friends and family to purchase walking toys to help him out. He received three different types of walking toys that help little ones to walk. The first one he received is made by Little Tikes. It's a puppy vacuum and he loves it because it barks and the ears move up and down when he rolls it back and forth. There is a see through filter where plastic pieces fly around

and it has an adjustable handle. He chases our vacuum when I'm doing the deed so it's nice that he can have his own. As much as I would like to say that it has helped him get up and walk more I can't. The truth is he just sits and rolls it back and forth and sometimes he drags it with one hand while he crawls around the house. When he's good and ready I'm sure he will stand up and walk with it but for now, not so much.


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