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Freaky Friday


Freaky Friday

I've always taken great pride in the fact that I raised my daughter to be a very self sufficient young lady. Oh sure, I had to tell her to clean her room a zillion times but what mother hasn't? I thought for sure when she got out on her own that she wouldn't be able to stand it. Surely she would clean up after herself I thought. I have a key to her place to drop in unexpected to make sure she is on the up and up. That is part of the agreement we have for paying all of her expenses while she is in school. I don't normally drop in unless my Mommy radar goes off. We really do give her a lot of space but today the radar went off. My buddy and I went to her place and nothing could have prepared us. If you are easily disgusted you may want to leave right now. If you want to be grossed out click on the photo for a larger image.


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