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Thursday Thirteen #18 - Favorite Memories


Thursday Thirteen #18 - Favorite Memories

1.) Going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday.
2.) Getting U2-Vertigo Concert tickets for my 33rd birthday.
3.) Going to Aruba for my honeymoon.
4.) The bagpipe band playing at our reception.
5.) Any time at Astroworld.
6.) Playing Kings 4 Corners or Dominos with my grandmother.
7.) Spending a week in Napa Valley.
8.) Every Christmas morning.
9.) Graduating with my Bachelors and Masters degrees.
10.) Every time I have gone to my friend Alison's house.
11.) Swimming at the pool during all those summers as a kid.
12.) Spending Friday nights at the roller rink.
13.) Each of my babies during the toddler years. They have all been so much fun and oh the laughter! Good Times.


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