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Stress Relief


Stress Relief

Today I have noticed that I have some fairly odd reactions to high levels of stress. My first reaction is to bake or make some sort of sweet dessert. It's not enough to just cook something, no it must involve something sweet! Today's line up is Jello no bake strawberry cheesecake. I made the mini cakes. There is a recipe that involves making them in baking cups. I haven't eaten them nor do I normally eat what I make I just make it. I guess it's something to do with my hands. OK - Let me at least try one so that I can tell you what it tastes like. One moment please, WOW! They are so good. I'm going to have to pawn these off on some people because I'm danger of eating them all. I'm going to give a thumbs up on this one. They were very easy to make too.

The other thing that I do when I'm super stressed out is color. I know that sounds odd but again I think it might have something to do with keeping my hands busy. There is a charity called Color A Smile. They have online pictures to print and color. When you are finished you mail the colored pictures to them and they give them out to people in need of a smile. There you have it a new way to combat stress and teach your kids about a neat charity.

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