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Today's Lesson - Poison Control


Today's Lesson - Poison Control

This has been my 2nd call to poison control for our little Super Star within 18 months. I wonder if I should put the number on speed dial. The first call was for charcoal brickettes that he ate from the backyard. He was fine those are non-toxic.

Last night our 7 year old got a brand new pair of soccer shoes. Inside those shoes are those little packs that clearly say DO NOT EAT! Well this morning our mighty toddler got into the bag pulled out the shoes and ate one of those packages. He was about to devour the 2nd package when the 7 year old took it away. Frantically I ask the 7 year old "Where is the other package!?" "How much did he eat!?" He says, "I don't know! I can't find the package I took from him." OMG!

Where was I? Oh I thought I could sneak a 5 minute shower without any real danger occurring. Insert Stupid stamp here!

I immediately call my husband but NA at any of the 3 numbers he has. Then I Google Poison Control and speak to Holly. She reassures me that he is fine. "No need to make him throw up" she says! Ahhh! Thank God! She explains those packages are non toxic and will be absorbed in his stool and she will call to check on him in an hour. Good Lord! All before 8am. What a morning!


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