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Makes you slender in a second!


Makes you slender in a second!

OK so I bit! I was at my local Sam's Club the other day and saw these jeans. I'm still waiting until I can fit into my Levi's that are all hanging in my closet. Needless to say with my situation it's going to be at least another year! Any way I see these jeans and it says, "The Marissa Fit Jean", "Makes you slender in a second!" Really? But there's more the little marketing graphic attached to the jeans says they are stretch! It shows me the Before and After and it's going to "Enhance curves where I desire with a comfortable fit." Oh - I'm in! I grab a size 14 just because I don't know what size I am. I haven't bought a pair of jeans since??? You get the picture. I bring them home and try them on and low and behold do they stretch! They are too big. When I walk they slide down my muffin hips! How is this possible?? I have no idea but they do feel good. Did they make me slender in a second? Not at all. Could be that 14 is not the right size for me. They are good enough to keep around though. I'm going to grow so why not. In order to really test these out I'm going to have to go back and get a smaller size. Woo Hoo! Then I might be able to tell you if I look slender in a second. Right now, it's not working for me. LOL
I did try to Google these jeans and I can't find them any where! If I find them I'll be sure to link them.


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