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Day 331


Day 331

Today was just weird. I had so much to do but it doesn't feel like I got anything done. Who cares! Let me share this really cute story that I am thankful for today. My 7 year old wrote a story and he brought it home from school. I really wish that I could scan it so you could see all the accompanying pictures that he drew. I think that would take up too much space. I'll just share his thoughts so here it goes.

If I had 100... by dlk

If I had 100 lemons I would have a lemonade party with my friends and family. And we had cake and pizza. If I had 100 cupcakes, I would sale fifty and share the rest with my friends. If I had 100 paper clips, I would make a chain and climb it. Since there is only one of me, I will ask my mother to make more of me. LOLOLOLOL - He's awesome.


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