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Sucking It Up!


Sucking It Up!

So it started out a good day but later in the evening I had to start sucking it up! There I am at my Mother's house watching my daughter unpack her things. My Mother and Grandmother had been working all morning making room for her. They cleaned out the closet and drawers in the extra bedroom. I had picked her up so she could unload some boxes. It seemed like a good idea at the time but there I was watching it happen. She's unpacking her things into my old room, into my old furniture! I'm afraid there was a whole different set of emotions I was going through. I found myself there just sucking it up! Breathing deep and leaving the room, walking around some more and talking to my Gram.

Then came dinner. We all decided to go out to eat. The place were we decided to eat is also home to my daughter's boyfriend's parents. There they were, drinking Margaritas. Seems harmless enough right? NO! There are these people that my daughter spends 90% of her time with. These are the people who know all about this situation and so much more. This is the woman who thinks she has the right to pass judgment on my parenting skills. Oh yes, I'm sucking it up even more. But I smile and breath deep. We are all in separate cars and I'm waiting for my Mom and Gram to show. I'm waiting for my dh and kids to show. My daughter is sitting there very comfortably with her "future?" sister-in-law??? Ewwwwwwwwww!

Finally they all arrive and I can now move on with my dinner plans. I'm just glad it's over and I'm away from all of them. I'm back where it's safe and I know longer have to suck up anything!


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