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A Review in Popsicles


A Review in Popsicles

Yes, I truly love Popsicles! I enjoy the bomb pops (red, white and blue), the fudge bombs (chocolate, banana and chocolate) and lots more. These aren't good for me at all so I try to find all natural fruit bars. Dreyers rocks for these! I buy them all the time!

They have come out with these smoothie bars that are banana and strawberry. My kids LOVE them!!!! These are suppose to be good for us as well. They are low calorie blah, blah, blah - they are so yummy who cares! LOL

While in the freezer isle I noticed these swirl bars by Weight Watchers. They look really yummy and they have 2 points printed on the box. I pass them up because I figured they most likely weren't very good. WRONG!!!! I did grab a box the next time I saw them, just to check it out. Oh they are soooooooo yummy! They taste just like Dreamsicles! I love Dreamsicles. You know, popsicle on the outside and icecream on the inside? Well, Weight Watchers out did themselves. I'm not on a diet or anything but I do have to watch what I eat! I don't know what 2 points means but I don't really care. LOL - These are great! My kids love these too. I'm trying to figure out the best way for me to snack while not gaining a great amount of weight with our latest little bun. I'm trying to stay positive but history has taught me that I tend to gain an enormous amount of weight while pregnant. I'm really gonna give it my best effort this time around! Wish me luck.


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