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Thursday Thirteen - Relationships


Thursday Thirteen - Relationships

This has been a very difficult six months for me. I'm really trying to stay positive. This Thursday Thirteen I'm exploring the key people who have helped me through it all.

1. My DH (Darling Husband)
2. My Gram (She ROCKS!)
3. My BF (My best buddy for 30 years - we are 35.)
4. My College Buddy Allison
5. My College Buddy Sara
6. My Sister-In-Law
7. My ex-husbands wife (G) - Yep, you read that right. LOL
8. My Mom (I have a new understanding as of late.)
9. My dlk (He's only 7 but he's the best.)
10. My rjk (He's a toddler but he makes me smile every day.
11. The Twins (5M4M) They are really great ladies!
12. Sheila - She visits often and keeps me positive.
13. Our Manny - He helps lift the load.



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