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Day 346


Day 346

Today I took my son to see "Enchanted" and yesterday my dh took him to see "The Pirates That Don't Do Anything." It's been a long time since I have been to the movies. My dh and I did see "American Gangster" but that was months ago. He doesn't really like movies so it's hard to find something we both like. My daughter use to drag me to lots of movies before the boys came along. Then I was replaced. - LOL. Now my son likes to go! Hurray, a movie buddy. Although I wouldn't be opposed to going alone at this point.

Enchanted was so funny! It was great and had a neat twist but the end fizzled. It's still worth seeing. My son was annoyed with the kissing scenes. - LOL - He's so funny. He's well prepared for all the chic flicks since his big sister started him out that way. He's seen a lot of Barbie movies.

So there you have my silver lining for the day, a little one on one time with my boy at the movies. He really likes to rub my belly. He's been talking about the new baby all weekend. He's been so great about it. His excitement makes me excited. He really wants it to be a girl. -LOL


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