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Cereal On The Go!


Cereal On The Go!

Woo Hoo! Mr. Deryl Sweeney II contacted me about reviewing a couple of products available from Here is what he sent me. It's Cereal On The Go! How cool is that? They come in four different colors and I received the orange one. Through the power of marketing I actually purchased a box of Froot Loops to try out this product. The bottom portion has this gel inside the container that you freeze in order to keep your milk cold. My whole family was in on this review. We tried it out this morning. I had already put it in the fridge ready made last night. My 7 year-old opened up the fridge and took it out. Once he figured out how to untwist it he was happy as a clam. He really liked the bendable spoon. We all took a few bites and then gave it to our toddler to try. He loved it! He was actually able to use the little bowl as a cup and drank the rest of the milk. We all enjoyed using it and I can see how this would be great for traveling or being packed in one of those keep it cool lunch bags! My boys love milk and products that help keep the milk cold are a plus for our family. The Cereal Bowl To Go is available for $4.99 which is a great value for all that it offers.


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