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Blaster Salad Bowl


Blaster Salad Bowl

This was the second item I received from It's a Blaster Salad Bowl. Yes, I actually bought some salad ingredients to try it out. My favorite part about this product is the lid. You can fill it up with your favorite dressing, snap it shut and when your ready to pour, open it and press on the lid! That is a really neat place to keep your dressing. I had prepared my salad yesterday and left it in the refrigerator over night. I'm a big fan of croûtons so I added it to the mix. This turned out to not be a good idea. I didn't get to my salad until lunch time today. After I pressed my dressing and was ready to take a bite I found my croûtons didn't make it. If you are a fan of these you might want to make your salad in the morning instead. Your croûtons won't get soggy if you do. I really enjoyed this product too and I might just have to make more salads on the go! Right now Dormbuys is offering the Blaster Salad Bowl for $5.74. If you are making healthier changes in your life this is a great product to help you stay on track.


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