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G - A little curiosity


G - A little curiosity

I found the comments about her pretty funny on the Thursday 13 relationship list. I guess that might be a pretty odd relationship but for me that was only in the beginning. She has been around since 1993, I think. It took about 3-4 years after she married my ex-husband and my daughter moving in with them before I could really begin building a relationship with her. The last thing you do is have a poor relationship with the person who is caring for your child. We have been on good terms since and as you might imagine she and I have had a TON to talk about! Not only do we have my ex in common, but my daughter and his whole family! LOL - We have had to have an open line of communication going for thousands of reasons. None that I will really detail here but it was necessary for both of us. She's honestly been a good friend and a good mother figure to my daughter. She has also managed to hang in there with my ex and that has always been a blessing for him. Also, I had NO lingering relationship feelings toward my ex at all. I think that makes it simple too. At times I almost felt sorry for my daughter because she always had 4 adults to deal with when she got in trouble. It was never pleasant for her and because of that open line of communication she couldn't go back and forth between parents. She did it for a while when she was young but we nipped that in the bud. We always tried to stay on the same page. It wasn't easy but we tried. And there you have it the relationship with G.


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