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Day 336


Day 336

Oh what a crazy day! OK - I watch The Biggest Loser and I just love that show. It's just a reminder to keep myself in check. I have the worst eating habits but I'm not dwelling on it. To take care of my sweet tooth, I did pick up some Extra gum and it really worked. I've become a night snacker and I don't want to be! Chewing that gum really helped me not to snack. To take care of my salt issues I picked up some Sun Flower Seeds! Yummy. That keeps me from getting into those chips I want so badly. LOL - But today I baked a Lemon bundt cake! I know what you are thinking but don't worry I only had 2 slices. LOL - I made everyone else who was here eat it! There is only enough left for my dh when he gets home from his business trip. LOL - Hey at least we saved him some.

And there you have it! I'm thankful my little tricks are working. Now, if I could just get the baking under control. LOL


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