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Day 335


Day 335

I wanted to go see Over Her Dead Body. Normally I would worry about finding someone to go with me. Today I figured that I was going whether I found someone or not. I asked my Mom and Gram if they wanted to go but they weren't sure if they would make it on time but if they could they would.

The time came and I bought my one ticket. I purchased my medium Sprite and popcorn. I was totally set to go. I picked out my own seat. There I was, alone at the movies. It was rather a liberating experience.

People kept coming during the previews but no Mom or Grandma. I became comfortable with the idea that they weren't going to show. I was there by myself watching a movie. I was so proud of myself. The movie started and five minutes into the movie there they were looking for me. I waved until they saw me. We all watched the movie together. We laughed it was good fun. I'm thankful for the courage and the laughter!


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