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Thursday Thirteen - 10 1/2 Weeks


Thursday Thirteen - 10 1/2 Weeks

OK - I tried to find a photo of a 10 week old fetus that was blogger friendly. Instead I found a photo of this 10 week old panda! I thought it was pretty cute. Today was a fun filled day at my OBGYN. Allow me to share 13 things about my trip. Here we go!

1.) I read an article in (short term memory faulty, sorry) a magazine about how men really do like the feel of natural women as opposed to those who have had some form of plastic surgery.
2.) My scale and the doctors scale has a difference of 5 pounds. Guess which scale you don't want to get on? LOL
3.) With all of my poor eating habits this past month (cheetos, cheeseburgers, muffins, cupcakes, lemon bundt cake, brownies, cinnamon rolls, chocolate, etc.) I only gained 2 pounds! What???
4.) I sat wrapped in a pink paper gown if you can call it that waiting for the doctor for 45 minutes! WT??? Grrrrrr
5.) I was so nervous looking at all the little tools and kits sitting out waiting for me that I began to sweat in my paper gown. Ewwwwwww!
6.) The light above me was covered with this cover that had a scene with a serene blue sky, white clouds, humming birds, butterflies, and a green tree. Very calming if you ask me.
7.) My doctor opened the door, acknowledged that he was late and immediately apologized.
8.) He's like a good mechanic! LOL - I drive across town for this man. He is a wonderful doctor and when you find one, you stick with them. Let's just say he's gentle. I've had female doctors (not so gentle) and an older male doctor (Extremely rough!). They were fired!
9.) He's delivered both my boys and this will be the third. :)
10.) His name is Dr. La. He looks like he's 23! He's aging well but has 3 little daughters. There will be lots of weddings to pay for in his future.
11.) He used that little hand held ultrasound microphone to hear the baby's heart beat. It's really fast.
12.) During the second part of the exam he was gathering his tools and there was that metal sound. Ugh! No details just Ugh!
13.) They gave me a huge bag full of goodies and reading materials. After asking a few questions and talking with the receptionist I get to ad my marketing materials for Happy Panda in the bags! Sweeeeeeeeeeet.


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