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Thursday Thirteen - A Few of His Favorite Things


Thursday Thirteen - A Few of His Favorite Things

Here are some photos I've been wanting to share. What better way than to share them in a Thursday 13 as some of his favorite things!

He loves my cell phone. I've gone through a few of them because of his slobber. He doesn't slobber on the phone any more. Now he just pretends he's talking to someone. He babbles something and then tells them good-bye. LOL

He's a big fan of Honey Nut Cheerios. This particular day he decided to help himself to the box. As you can see he made himself right at home in the middle of the table with the whole bag. Yes, I had to grab my camera.

He loves his big brother. He likes to crawl on him and body slam him when he least expects it. His big brother is a very good sport! They play pretty well together.

Our neighbors went to Mardi-Gras. They brought our boys back plenty of beads. He loves them! He wears them every chance he gets. He leaves them all over the house too!

He loves the pots and pans! If he can sit in them all the better. He pulls them all out but with a little help he will put them all back too.

When we go to visit his grandma and great-grandma (pictured here) he loves to get in the cabinets. She lets him do just about anything he wants over there. She spoils him rotten and sends him home. He loves it!

These are his favorite pajamas. These are spider man pajamas with the web on the sides. He looks adorable. His Manny taught him how to raise his hands and say "Touch Down!" Which is what he is doing here in this photo.

This morning he enjoyed (rather thoroughly) some strawberry yogurt. Then he proceeded to stick his hands in his milk and wash his hair. It was a fun morning!

Today he wanted to work Mommy's digital camera. He sees me taking lots of photos so he wanted to give it a try. He could see his Manny here through the window and very quickly figured out which button to push.

This is his favorite Thomas The Train hat. He puts it on and says, "Choo! Choo!"

He loves to play in his Daddy's shirts. He is tall enough to pull them out of his closet. They are so big on him that he tends to trip over the shirt once he gets it on. It is hilarious to watch. Although now he has taken to pulling my shirts out of my closet too!

Apparently I must work an awful lot because he's always trying to steal my chair. Sometime he will crawl behind me and kick me out of it! He loves to sit in my chair and grab my pens and bang on my keyboard.

He loves the floaty and the water. He would stay in water all day if we would let him. He tries to swim in the bathtub. It's really cute. He really loves his big sister. He wants all her attention when she comes to visit!


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