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Day 320


Day 320

Today was a bit depressing but as always I've found a silver lining. As a small business owner it is always a great dream to have your items in a store where people can touch and feel your what you're selling. It's always a bit of raised hope when someone wants a wholesale sheet and then wants to see your product for themselves. That has happened a few times but nothing has panned out yet. Today was different though. I had been dealing with a person who requested this whole song and dance. But all in all it was a scam and she was using the name and information of a business clear across the other side of the U.S. When I couldn't find information about the store within the state I began further investigations. I contacted the actual store and it's owner and we began trading information. There is my silver lining today. I helped another business owner from being scammed and saved myself the funds that would have been lost in sending my product. Maybe next time I will have better results.


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