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Thursday Thirteen #17 - Concerts


Thursday Thirteen #17 - Concerts

Wordless Wednesday made me think of concerts so I thought I would go for 13 concerts that I've been to in my life time. I might not make it to 13! Let's see how it goes. I'm going to start with #1 being my first concert that I ever went to.
1. Bryan Adams - Fun!
2. Survivor - Fun!
3. U2 - Joshua Tree Tour - Flavor Flav opened for them and it rocked!
4. Led Zepplin - Got bored and left.
5. Smashing Pumpkins - Garbage opened for them.
6. The Cure - AWESOME!!!
7. U2 - Zoo TV Tour - Very cool!
8. Kiss - FUN!
9. U2 - PopMart Tour - Smash Mouth opened for them.
10. Boston - Bored to tears.
11. U2 - Vertigo Tour - opening band was forgettable. Concert was great!
That's all I've got! But here is who I would LOVE to see.
12. Cold Play
13. The B-52's


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