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Day 311


Day 311

OK - So I skipped Friday like I was suppose to. It was a rough day any way. Too much going on and too much drama. So on to Saturday! A very good day if I do say so myself. It's just be and the boys since my dh is busy seeing the world all in the name of supporting the family. Can't WAHMs & SAHMs get some sort of deal like that? We get to travel for a week at a time once a month all expenses paid? It must be nice. OK so you deal with plains, taxis/rental cars, and hotels. It's doable. You get to go to the bathroom by yourself, take a long shower if you want to and sleep in a bed where no one is bothering you. I could deal with that once a month. LOL

We had a good day here just be visiting with the family. They are some pretty fun little guys.


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