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Day 277


Day 277

Hurray! My son won his first soccer game today. Of course no one else in our family came to see the game but that's ok. He was so happy because there are only 2 more games in the season to go.

My dh nailed some boards to the giant tree we have outside our front yard so our son could climb the tree by himself. He was in heaven!!!

We actually walked all 3 of our dogs together it was so awesome. They were so well behaved that Cesar Melan would have been proud. While we were walking we saw my mom and driving by and she ran a yellow light. I had to call her and tell her because she didn't see us and swears up and down that it didn't happen. LOLOL - She ran that yellow light!

The shed was finished today and the garage cleaned out again! That silly old shed is ready to come down and I am so thankful for that!!!! Woo Hoo


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