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Old Navy vs. The Pigeon


Old Navy vs. The Pigeon

This morning I took my little guy to Old Navy to find some pants for my older son. I was waiting in the check out line when he began to get tired and fussy. He wanted out of the cart. The cashier asks the customer ahead of me if she would like to fill out a credit application to get 10% off. Instead of just checking me out while the lady fills out her form she has me wait.

Um, no - not today! I put the pants on the counter put the basket back, take my son out of the cart, attach him to my hip and out of the store we go. He has on this green Old Navy shirt. We were walking to Michael's craft store to get a basket that I needed when all of a sudden I hear this bam. I saw something fly like mud. I thought did someone just throw mud at us? I look at my sons shoulder and there is this pile of slime on his shoulder and it smells really bad. I look up and at the top of the building there sits a blasted pigeon! Yes it is bird poo. A bird poohed on my son! How gross and I had to head back to the car to leave. I set my son down and immediately removed the shirt trying not to get the bird poo all over his face. So there he is toddling with me toward the car without a shirt on. I actually left the shirt because it smelled so badly! A woman saw my son walking around and she was giving me this dirty look. Yes, I could see it in her eyes! What is wrong with you lady? Put some clothes on that baby. Rather than entertain the woman I just scooped him up and we took off.

What are the odds?????????? So when it comes to an Old Navy shirt and Pigeon Poo - the pigeon wins!


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