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Manic Monday & Oh Yea, Happy Birthday - Day 262


Manic Monday & Oh Yea, Happy Birthday - Day 262

It's my dh's birthday today and he gets to spend all day in meetings in Scotland. Oh how hard it must be to celebrate your birthday over dinner meetings. But hey, at least we got to call on his cell phone and sing Happy Birthday. That's what really counts don't you think? I mean he may not get to hear it until he gets back in our country but there it will be sitting in voicemail.

My boy made me go birthday shopping! Oh yes, just because Dad isn't hear doesn't mean we can put off the shopping until he is on his way home. No, the shopping had to occur today. So lucky Dad will be the proud owner of the latest Mars Mission Lego set along with many little army tanks. Lucky guy!

Manic Monday heck yes! So much to do and too few hours that is for sure. I'm still here, alive and kicking. Oh and so is Ms. Priscilla. Should we just nickname her Prissy and get it over with? There is a strong consensus that kids will make fun of her and call her Prissy. She's gonna ROCK! Who cares. She has me for a mother so she's going to be touch as nails. She can handle it! I'll make her an outfit with a Prissy design! Yea that's the ticket.


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