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OUCH my ears!!!!!!!


OUCH my ears!!!!!!!

There's nothing like your 18 year old who is not even out of high school for a year telling you they have found "the one!" They just know. I wanted to hurl. My ears just started to ache. Overly dramatic? I think not. It's too hard to wrap my brain around. So the two of you are going to wait for 3 years? 1.) A lot can happen in 3 years. 2.) When did you become engaged? 3.) You will only be 21 in 3 years. Oh the thoughts, make it stop! My poor mother. It's all that freakin karma coming my way! Oh why? Oh why? Haven't I paid enough? No? This is so wrong. Why can't these kids just focus on how they are going to make a living? Don't they know it's a new world? What's wrong with backpacking to Europe to find yourself? So I suck as a mother because I refuse to marry my child off at the tender age of 18, 19, 20 or 21. What's wrong with 27 or 30? We are living to be well over 80 now. Come on! It's not about fearing a bad marriage and divorce at an early age it's about getting to know yourself first. Give yourself some time! You could be a great wife and mother if you learn to develop patience. There is so much to learn about yourself. I've taken a poll and most of those people wish they would have waited or done something before they put all of those responsibilities on themselves. I try to tell my child but they don't hear me. Turn your ears on! Some may say oh it's just puppy love and you know how it is.... Yes, I do know how it is and I also know how strong it can be when you think you have found "the one." I can only hope that the common sense fairy will come along and sprinkle some of her magic common sense dust on my child.


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