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Calgon Take Me Away - Day 233


Calgon Take Me Away - Day 233

I'm having one of those days. I remember that commercial so clearly! Do I have to be a Mom today? That is the kind of day I was having. My head hurt and I just didn't feel like working or entertaining. The problem is if you take a day off you pay for it in one form or another. This is day 2 of no adult conversation except for talking to my dh. I haven't been to visit with my gram. Since my eldest is there it is hard for me to just relax and hang out. The last 20 conversations I have had with her results in her inability to tell the truth for some reason. It's honestly just easier to stay away. I rather not deal with it. This is also day 2 without any caffeine. I'm not really suppose to be drinking it any way but the crash and burn is just terrible. That could be where the headache came from. Now for the silver dh brought home dinner, eventually. My Super Star ate most of my cheeseburger but that's ok.


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