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Pencil Me In? - Day 238


Pencil Me In? - Day 238

Today I am thankful for my gram! I'm always thankful, but today I was reminded why. When I was growing up I didn't have to be penciled in. If I wanted to come over I could. If my Mom needed her to watch me she would. If my gram and grandpa were going out of town then they took me with them. When I was a teenager this became less cool. Of course I was a stupid teenager and didn't understand what I do now. However, this is not the same treatment my children get from their gram. They have to be penciled in.

Let's not talk about the grand-daughter's bf who is penciled in! Oh I am just waiting for his chapter to end. I pray to my wonderful God that she will see all those red flags and get a clue! Patiently I wait for his chapter to end and his fan club to be disbanded! It's a small fan club of one but still the waiting is the hardest part.

So I am thankful today of the days of old when penciling me in was not and is not required. I am thankful that my kids get to experience that with their great gram as well. I hope that when my day comes I won't have to pencil my grandchildren in either. Then again if that bf is in the picture I may have to pull out my pencil!


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