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Clutter Bug - Day 232


Clutter Bug - Day 232

What I found after writing my Thursday Thirteen list is that my environment has a ton to do with my mood. Somewhere came this energy on Thursday and I organized:
my medicine cabinet
my bathroom closet
my bathroom drawer
the baby's room
the family room
the spot above the sink
all the medicines
Whew! I am super tired now. Here's what I don't need: lotion of any kind! I have enough lotions to make a small third world country smell good! Seriously it's just too much. If I could find someone that likes all that stuff I would gladly give it away. My dh is a sample freak! When he travels he brings home everything from those hotels. We have more soaps, shampoos, lotions and conditioners. It's just madness. But I do feel better. I figure if I tackle a room at a time the clutter will begin to leave and I will be able to breath. It's a good thing I know myself so well.


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