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Thursday Thirteen #30 - Ways To Cheer Me Up


Thursday Thirteen #30 - Ways To Cheer Me Up

I've been battling the blues here for the past 2 weeks or so and it comes and goes. I have lots of family stuff to deal with as well as business and financial. Without really anyone to confide in I just look for other places to find moments of joy. The problems are still there but distractions are good. Here are my 13 efforts to shake the blues.

1.) Catch moments like this one to the left. Life with a toddler has it's ups and downs. Mostly they are ups and when you have a silly willy around, there are many Kodak moments.
2.) Read People or Star or some silly magazine just to distract you from your own drama.
3.) Sudoku is another reason why I like Star. My gram saves them for me and when I get to the back I can do the puzzle.
4.) Find something funny to watch on TV!
5.) Go Blog Hopping! I had a lot more time to do this before when I had help with my business and with my kids. Both of those benefits are gone now.
6.) Make a playdate! It's hard to do this because so many moms have their own schedules but if you can manage it do it! It's about the only adult conversation that I have some weeks.
7.) Take a warm bubble bath. I would love to do this more often but most of the time there are toys in the tub so I opt for a warm shower.
8.) Eat Candy! I like the sweet taste it just makes me feel kid like and happy!
9.) Eat a snow cone! Again it's that sweet flavor. Only now it's too hot to wait in line. Yesterday my temperature gauge in my car read 103! That's hot!
10.) Try to call a friend and unload. Most of my friends are either busy with their own kids, asleep or at work. This too can be sort of a challenge.
11.) Visit my gram. I try to visit my gram because it makes me feel better to watch her spoil my kids.
12.) Listen to music. I have such a broad range of taste it's pretty easy for me to snap out of feeling gloomy!
13.) Find a spot in my house that I can organize and get it done. My house is full of clutter so the more organized my home is the better I feel. I'm a minimalist and I just can not stand "stuff!"


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