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Mommies United Win


Mommies United Win

During the giant launch party for Mommies United I did a little blog hopping and entered to win some Smart Mom Jewelry. I won a teething bling set. I had never heard of this but it is a neat concept. I do know that babies like to tug on jewelry and chew on it (which is why I don't wear any). Smart Mom has designed jewelry that babies can handle and chew! I received the MoonStone pendant and bangle. This set retails around $31.50. Since my little Priscilla isn't due until September it's going to be a long time before I get to try this out myself. When we get to the teething stage next year I will have to blog about it and let you know how it works for us. A special thank you to Mommies United for such a great launch party!


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