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Baby Borrowers - Episode 2


Baby Borrowers - Episode 2

The Baby Borrowers - hyperlink to a two minute recap of last nights second episode. Oh what a great episode! Yes, real parents with children of our own have to go to work or stay home and care for them. I have been really sick twice in the past 6 months. My dh had to leave the country both times. It wasn't like he was going to stay home and care for the children. My mother had to come and rescue them and thank goodness it happened on the weekend. It was funny to see these kids freaking out about going to work! The least appealing couple to me right now is Alicea and Cory. I almost felt sorry for Cory because Alicea has a lot more maturing to do. I thought it was funny that she talked about how both their mothers were 18 when they became parents and they thought that would be cool too! Are you insane? Um, yes! I hope this experience will change their minds. Alicea at one point made the comment that she doesn't "take &$#@ from nobody!" Well my dear guess what? You are going to take it all day long when you have kids! LOL - You have to be the adult and clearly she just isn't ready. Every new mom needs guidance, it's in the rule book or something. Good Luck Cory, I hope you are learning a lot about what kind of partner you have in Alicea. I can't wait till the toddlers come!


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